youth camp 2023

Summer 2023 is the return of dynamite fun, fresh feels and Godly vibes away from the city.  August 28 - 31 go to Youth Camp 2023 for four FULL days of games, friends, lake sports and spiritual experiences that will impact your life.


If you ever thought about bigger things, questions about God or how knowing Jesus changes your life, go to Camp 2023! It's an opportunity to break out of the mold, live for something bigger than you can ever imagine and find friends to journey with you.

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  • Camp is 4 day summer retreat away from home. Every year Eastside Youth gathers teens from ages 12 to 18 and loads them up in a bus for what will be their summer highlight. Everyday students will be immersed in a Jesus centred worship experience where they will be learning from the bible and given tools to grow their faith and for some find their faith in Jesus. But that's not all there will be many activities most outdoor and of course there will be water activities such as swimming, canoeing, beach volleyball and so much more.

  • Everyone has a different reason but the top 3 reason are

    3. The food is amazing!!!

    2. You will make lifelong friendships

    1. You will experience Jesus with no distractions from your day to day life.

  • This year we are going back to SABC - SOUTHERN ALBERTA BIBLE CAMP

    We have loved our partnership with SABC. They have a great team that loves what they do and does a great job at hosting us. We are so looking forward to taking advantage of their facilities and grounds so that we can create the best camp experience for our Eastside Youth campers.

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