Bible Night online

We finished Philippians! Thanks to everyone that tuned in and we hope you all had a great time studying together on Zoom. Stay tuned for our next series and if you have any feedback or next book ideas, email us at


We are also keeping our Philippians Sessions online so scroll down for our recordings and resources!

Previous Bible Night Sessions

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Bible Night Resources

Come to Bible Night prepared with printouts and resources! Click on the images and download or print out these handouts. Scroll further to watch or download previous sessions!

  • Historical Background part 1

    Click the image to download the Historical Background of the city of Philippi.

  • Background on Philippians part 2

    Click the image to download the Background of Philippians such as when and where Paul wrote Philippians.

  • Map of Paul's Journey

    Click the image to download a detail map of Paul's journey