21 days of prayer & fasting

Spend 21 Days specifically praying and fasting for your family, friends, what God wants to do in your life and your church! but most importantly take a moment to let God speak to you, establish a deeper communication and relationship with your heavenly Father.

21 Days of Prayer is an opportunity to reconnect and maybe establish a healthy habit of praying daily. We all know the spiritual and even physical, mental and emotional health praying gives and we as a church want to pursue that. Early this year in January we started out with 21 days with Jesus, a daily devotional to kick-off 2020 and now we feel we need prayer more than ever!

Starting September 08-28 every morning check out our Facebook Page for a daily video upload of prayer and devotional. We upload at 7:00AM so you have plenty of time to check in before work or your daily routine commences.


We hope you have an incredible time with God and look forward to what he's going to say to you!